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Workplace Recognition | Globalia Digital Career


For recognition at work and a shining tech career: right this way!

We are proud of every one of our team members’ accomplishments. If you want to participate in motivating projects and work for a company that recognizes your value, look no further! 
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Leadership and Autonomy

Do you have leadership and want to have autonomy at work? We are sure to get along! Our goal is for our clients to be happy and our projects done well. If, to do so, you prefer working from home, working out during your lunch break, advancing your tasks at night, or even bringing your dog to the office, we trust you. And for the leader in you, there are always great opportunities to take on new responsibilities and reach your goals! 

Workplace Recognition | Globalia Digital Career

Recognition at Work

It is thanks to the talent cultivated in our teams over the last 20 years that we have become the largest tech firm on Montreal’s South Shore. We know that every person who joins the enterprise is unique and contributes to our success through their strengths and experience: recognition at work is very important at Globalia. Come and celebrate efforts, highlight successes, and encourage initiative with us! 

Workplace Recognition | Globalia Digital Career


At Globalia, we win as a team and we lose as a team. Solidarity and empathy are very important for us. If you enjoy working together with your colleagues to reach a common objective while leaving your ego at the door, you are in the right place! 

Workplace Recognition | Globalia Digital Career

Knowledge Sharing

Do you have the desire to share your knowledge with others? Do you love sharing your discoveries with your colleagues? Are you always thirsty for new pertinent information? Good news! Whether it is through lunchtime conferences, sharing in the chat, blog articles, or a more official training, we love sharing our knowledge internally as well as with our clients. With the help of our senior experts, discussions are animated and stimulating! 

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Our Colleagues Can Tell You!

Our texts are sincere, but nothing beats the words of our colleagues to demonstrate what Globalia really is!

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We work on such great projects; we’re constantly innovating! That’s what makes the difference. The projects are stimulating, the clients are open and pleasant… and we get great results! Everybody wins!

Evens Sheehy
SVP of Sales - Canada (CRM, Inbound & Strategies) & HubSpot Certified Trainer
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It's a real privilege for me to be part of this team of professionals who genuinely care about customers' needs, as well as the quality and sustainability of projects. For me, working at Globalia means feeling that my vision, knowledge and skills are useful and appreciated.

Jérôme Cloutier
Back-End Developer
Audrey-Morris-Globalia Digital Career

I am proud of my position, my accomplishments, and the enterprise! We have the opportunity to accomplish a lot of things at Globalia, and I’m thankful when I look back over the last 5 years. We have a wonderfully competent and involved team, as well as the possibility of juggling really interesting projects, which allows us to reach our professional ambitions a little more each day.

Audrey Morris
Director, Grants
Marilyse-Boulais-Globalia Digital Career

Working with stimulating clients is a great source of motivation for me. It is the reason why I consider myself lucky to be part of a strong and positive team that really makes a difference for our clients.

Marilyse Boulais
Maintenance and IT Team Manager
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