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Join the eBusiness team | Globalia Digital Career

EBusiness Team

This is the team that touches everything! From analysis to deployment, they design web and digital projects of every style and size. The members of the team bring their technological expertise and sense of innovation together to produce unique projects and implement new technologies. 

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What Drives us?

The projects keep coming, but are always different! Website development, implementation of personalized digital tools, creation of data bridges, implementation of management tools (CRM, ERP, intranet or other), and much, much more. Joining the e-Business team means ensuring your days are filled with technology, innovation, and knowledge sharing.

To find out more about our projects and services, visit our corporate website. 

Who Makes Up our Team?

Our team is known for its diversity, expertise, and love of challenges. Together, we can do anything! Each member participates in our success in their own way:

  • The account directors define each project, ensure the satisfaction of our clients… as well as the well-being of the team assigned to the project!
  • The project managers make sure that the team is motivated and aligned towards the same ultimate objective!
  • The front-end programmers bring their strengths together with the design team to deliver projects that make them proud.
  • The back-end programmers are supported by a management team which allows them to put their energy towards what they love: development!
  • The designers use their creativity to bring a unique touch to every project.
  • The IT specialists maintain the projects and propose solutions to resolve problems and optimize performance. 
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Our Colleagues Can Tell You!

Our texts are sincere, but nothing beats the words of our colleagues to demonstrate what Globalia really is!

Julie-Arsenault-Globalia-EBusiness team

I love working at Globalia for many reasons. In addition to the truly exciting projects, I'm surrounded by an exceptional team of passionate experts in their fields. This stimulating work dynamic enables me to learn continuously and progress professionally.

Julie Arsenault
Web Designer
Sylvain Tremblay Temoignage - ebusiness team

I'm thrilled to be a member of the Globalia team. Working with competent colleagues and inspiring management who provide us with motivating projects is extremely rewarding. The regular technological challenges we face push us to learn constantly, and I really enjoy this dynamic and rewarding environment.

Sylvain Tremblay
Back-End Developer
Nancy Lussier- temoignage - Ebusiness team

I'm lucky enough to work with a human team with a wealth of expertise. The variety and complexity of my tasks make my job so stimulating! I also like the flexible working hours, regular social activities and team cohesion: these are all elements that should not be overlooked if you want to enjoy your job for a long time!

Nancy Lussier
Back-End Developer

We always have a lot of fun working together on new projects that allow us to exchange ideas, be creative, innovate, and remain stimulated. The people are passionate and it can be felt every day at work.

Vivian Verswyvel
Front-end Developer – Technical Manager
Yannick-bissaillon- Join the eBusiness team | Globalia Digital Career

I consider myself lucky to have a team that believes in me and gives me the opportunity to continue developing my skills by working on new projects, new challenges, and new technologies.

Yannick Bisaillon
Front-End Developer at Globalia since 2015
Marilyse-Boulais Join the eBusiness team | Globalia Digital Career

Working with stimulating clients is a great source of motivation for me. It is the reason why I consider myself lucky to be part of a strong and positive team that really makes a difference for our clients. 

Marilyse Boulais
Maintenance and IT Team Manager
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Projects that Make us Proud

We have the pleasure of playing a role in the success of many enterprises. Our expertise can only be matched by our sense of commitment.

D-BOX: a bold project

D-BOX: a bold project!

As well as completely redesigning the D-BOX website, we created a catalog of Single Page Application films in Vue.js using the movie and series data from The Movie Database via an API connection for D-BOX movie theatres around the world. Paired with a tailored search engine, this allows the user to search by type of movie and use powerful filters. The results of the search are displayed without having to refresh the page… Several challenges overcame by our team and good results for the client! 

Camping Quebec: a long-haul project

Camping Quebec: a long-haul project

Camping Quebec’s important project included several challenges, which we love! Thanks to the advanced use of CSS Custom Properties in WordPress and WooCommerce, we manipulated the components and modules, among other things, in order to adapt them to the new content and design. We not only created a map to search for camping sites using the data received asynchronously, but also reproduced APIs to communicate with mobile applications and external systems. 

CORPIQ: a unique application project

CORPIQ: a unique application project

From its analysis and conceptualization to its development, the e-Business team’s experts designed a unique application for the CORPIQ. The electronic lease application allows rental building owners to create leases and complete the entire process electronically or traditionally with a written signature. User experience, graphic presentation, a library of web components, and several tools can be used to accelerate the process; our team thought of everything! 

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