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Join the HubSpot CRM & Inbound team | Globalia Digital Career
Join the HubSpot CRM & Inbound team | Globalia Digital Career

HubSpot CRM & Inbound Team

This is the team that uses their expertise to drive growth. Whether it is through new ideas for lead generation, pertinent content, unique enterprise positioning, process optimization, or SEM and SEO tactics; we put everything into place to maximize results! 

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What drives us?

As experts in the Inbound methodology, the members of the team focus on creating value. Our watchword: relevance! Whether it is from a sales, marketing, customer service, or recruitment perspective, we put our expertise at the service of clients in every field.

To find out more about our projects and services, visit our corporate website. 

Who makes up our team?

We are known for our creativity, our keen sense of analysis… and our passion for HubSpot! In fact, we are Elite Partners and the largest HubSpot partners in Canada: now that’s love!

Joining the HubSpot CRM and Inbound team means belonging to a close-knit team that will welcome you as a friend and ally. 

  • The account directors define each project, as well as ensure client satisfaction and the well-being of the team assigned to the project!
  • The strategists identify the clients’ needs, transform them into strategies or tools to put into place in order to help them reach their goals.
  • The editors meticulously select the words to use in order to build engaging and attractive content for Google.
  • The project managers make sure the team is motivated and moving towards the same ultimate objective.
  • The front-end programmers bring their skills together with design team to deliver projects that make them proud.
  • The designers use their creativity to bring a unique touch to every project.
  • The ITs ensure the quality and maintenance of each project, as well as updating of the solutions using the most recent technologies. 
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Our Colleagues Can Tell You!

Our texts are sincere, but nothing beats the words of our colleagues to demonstrate what Globalia really is!


«Working at Globalia means joining a stimulating, human company with a real team spirit! Even with telecommuting, I immediately felt part of the team and was able to forge very good bonds with my colleagues. Add to that team happy hours, board game evenings and outdoor activities, and you've got the perfect combo for blossoming at work!»

Nina Heutte
SEO-SEM Specialist
Simon-Ross-Join the HubSpot CRM & Inbound team | Globalia Digital Career

I have the chance to be part of a stimulating team that motivates me every day! Here at Globalia, collaboration means progress. Everyone works together towards the development of the enterprise and our clients’ satisfaction. 

Simon Ross
Director – Inbound Marketing
Samuel-StAmour-Join the HubSpot CRM & Inbound team | Globalia Digital Career

My position as a strategist at Globalia is clearly the most satisfying job I’ve had in my life! When I joined Globalia almost 3 years ago, I was immediately drawn in by my colleagues’ energy and camaraderie. Management’s transparency and openness to new ideas, the importance of the client, and schedule flexibility really charmed me! I don’t know about you, but for me working from home and saving 2 hours of commuting is worth everything!

Samuel St-Amour
Strategist, Team Leader HubSpot marketing Hub
Alexandre-Bisaillon Join the HubSpot CRM & Inbound team | Globalia Digital Career

We have the chance of working with people who love what they do and who are always eager to learn; and it can be felt every day!  Being part of a curious team that isn’t afraid to try new things is very stimulating! 

Alexandre Bisaillon
Director Business Development, Canada
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Projects that Make us Proud

We have the pleasure of playing a role in the success of many enterprises. Our expertise can only be matched by our sense of commitment.

For more projects, visit our corporate website. 

Forgestik - Join the HubSpot CRM & Inbound team | Globalia Digital Career

Forgestik: a project that stands out

Forgestik’s management team wanted to put a new sales culture into place that would be hybrid, semi-inbound, semi-outbound. It is the coming together of two worlds with the help of the best HubSpot tools and the expertise of our strategy team. We therefore used several skill spheres for this big project! Since the implementation, Forgestik was nominated and won the prize for the best SAP Business One implementation enterprise in Canada for 3 consecutive years! 

Join the HubSpot CRM & Inbound team | Globalia Digital Career  - CF Moto

CFMOTO: the perfect Inbound project

CFMOTO is a player in the motorized sports industry that has managed to stand out in spite of the fierce competition in this field. This success is largely due to the bold strategies and innovative tactics based on their personas that we have built with them over time. We are always proud to see the results of a great Inbound strategy: objectives achieved for CFMOTO and an optimal experience for ATV fans! 

D-BOX: an entertaining project -Join the HubSpot CRM & Inbound team | Globalia Digital Career

D-BOX: an entertaining project

We really enjoyed completely redesigning D-BOX’s corporate website. Now on HubSpot CMS, the site is more ergonomic, flexible, and focused on lead generation; ideal for allowing an optimal use of HubSpot and the implementation of their new Inbound marketing strategy. D-BOX now enjoys HubSpot’s most advanced functions in order to provide a superior user experience. 

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