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Balance- Globalia Digital Career


Having a tech career without sacrificing work-life balance is possible!

We always remain in tune with everyone’s needs and offer a lot of flexibility. For us, work-life balance is crucial and we make it a priority! Discover our flexible, stable, and human work environment.
flexible work-life balance - Globalia Digital Career


Do you love working from home so you can start a load of laundry during your coffee break? Or do you prefer socializing at the office? What about finishing early to have the time to pick up your kids or workout? Maybe working for 3 months from sunny Portugal? No problem! We trust our colleagues when it comes to the work conditions that make them happy and provide them with a good life balance. 

stable work-life balance - Globalia Digital Career


We like building long-term relationships with our colleagues because, well… we get attached! For this reason, we put everything into place to keep our colleagues with us for as long as possible: possibility of advancement, team or position migration for those in need of a change, continuous training to remain stimulated, schedule adjustments to accommodate new realities, etc. Contact us if you want to grow within a mature enterprise with over 20 years of experience!

Human work-life balance - Globalia Digital Career


A tech firm focused on humans. Empathy is a strong value at Globalia and helps us to guide our decisions on a daily basis. It is apparent in our team spirit, our attention to work-life balance, as well as our understanding that life is not always smooth sailing. 

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Our Colleagues Can Tell You!

Our texts are sincere, but nothing beats the words of our colleagues to demonstrate what Globalia really is!

Long Nguyen-Balance

Globalia has allowed me to push the limits of remote working by letting me work on the road for several months. It was really incredible! Gaspésie, New-York, New Oleans, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yellowstone, and more… it is a unique experience to code from the middle of the desert while having the support of your colleagues. 

Long Nguyen
Front-End Developer
Julie-Arsenault-Globalia -Life Balance

One aspect that makes Globalia unique is its warm and humane corporate environment. The company's values are firmly rooted, placing individuals at the heart of its concerns. This creates a positive working atmosphere where mutual support and collaboration are encouraged.

Julie Arsenault
Web Designer
Christine-Caroline-Beaudry- balance

Deciding to take on a challenge like the Trophee Rose des Sables rally in Morocco is one thing. Doing it with the support of your bosses is another! Everyone has been so encouraging since the beginning and Globalia is even our biggest sponsor! 

Caroline and Christine Beaudry
Accounting Clerk | Finance Director

It isn’t always easy finding a balance between work and family life, especially with kids… daycare, school, sickness, school holidays; there’s always something going on! After 10 years at Globalia, I know that my team is there to help when I need them, working from home is easy, and I won’t be asked to work overtime. It’s nice not to have to compromise between a stimulating career and my role as a father. 

Christian Ross
Front-end Developer, Hubspot CMS Sub Team Leader, working at Globalia for 10 years

Working from Europe for 3 months turned out to be much easier than I initially thought it would be! The team and management’s flexibility and open-mindedness make all the difference – and not only when we are out of the country! 

Audrey Cournoyer
Content, Social Media, and Inbound Specialist
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