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Join the ECommerce Team | Globalia Digital Career

ECommerce Team

The e-Commerce team is known for their curiosity, as well as their innovative and avant-garde solutions that help to drive our clients’ sales. Do you want to participate in the success of enterprises in a multitude of industries? Do you want to put your skills and creativity to the test? If the answer is yes, come and join our motivating team! 

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What drives us?

We put our skills and sense of innovation at the service of the elaboration of innovative e-Commerce solutions. Whether it is for the development of world-class transactional websites or the implementation of B2B or B2C e-Commerce strategies, we know how to drive growth for each and every one of our clients.

To find out more about our projects and services, visit our corporate website. 

Who makes up our team?

We stand out through our innovative thinking and thirst for knowledge: challenges fuel our fire! The e-Commerce team gives you the possibility to learn something new each day in collaboration with wonderful and experienced colleagues. 

  • The account directors define each project, ensure the satisfaction of our clients… as well as the well-being of the team assigned to the project!
  • The project managers make sure that the team is motivated and aligned towards the same ultimate objective!
  • The front-end programmers use their expertise to ensure the web projects’ usability.
  • The back-end programmers make sure that the websites are working well and can concentrate on what they love: coding, coding, and more coding.
  • The designers design the best templates so the UX and the UI are both equally instinctive and creative.
  • The ITs maintain the projects and propose solutions to resolve problems and optimize performance. 
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Our Colleagues Can Tell You!

Our texts are sincere, but nothing beats the words of our colleagues to demonstrate what Globalia really is!

philippe bernier Join the E-Commerce Team | Globalia Digital Career

Working at Globalia has shown me that you can’t be scared to take on bold and challenging projects that will push your limits. It is the best way to evolve and stay ahead of the game! 

Philippe Bernier
Technical Director
Audrey Jacques - Join the E-Commerce Team | Globalia Digital Career

We all really care about the success of our clients’ projects. The whole team takes responsibility for the success of each project, which helps a lot in promoting everyone’s well-being while bringing the projects to term. No one has to carry the weight of the whole department on their shoulders. Everyone has their own responsibilities, but we also don’t hesitate to help each other while providing maximum satisfaction to our clients. 

Audrey Jacques
Project Manager
Long Nguyen Join the E-Commerce Team | Globalia Digital Career

Globalia has allowed me to push the limits of remote working by letting me work on the road for several months. It was really incredible! Gaspésie, New-York, New Orleans, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yellowstone, and more… it is a unique experience to code from the middle of the desert while having the support of your colleagues. 

Long Nguyen
Front-End Developer
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Projects that Make us Proud

We have the pleasure of playing a role in the success of many enterprises. Our expertise can only be matched by our sense of commitment. 
To find out more, visit our corporate website.

CFMOTO: a connected project - Join the E-Commerce Team | Globalia Digital Career

CFMOTO: a connected project

CFMOTO now has an all-new website and their own online store under Magento 2. “My Garage” provides quick access to the vehicles on sale, as well as parts, accessories, and documentation for your vehicle. Everything works with the help of a bidirectional data bridge with a tailored ERP. We have a strong partnership with the CFMOTO team and are looking forward to continuing the next phases of the project.

Giftjoy - Join the E-Commerce Team | Globalia Digital Career

Giftjoy: a project that’s just getting started

Following the analysis of their needs, the e-Commerce team designed and developed a transactional website under Magento 2. The objective? To create a lifestyle atmosphere that makes visitors want to explore the catalog of gifts and packages. To make life easier for the enterprise, the site includes a complete omnichannel card activation system and a data bridge with a tailored ERP. It worked so well that Globalia is now a Giftjoy partner for all of their development and improvement projects.

Club Tissus - Join the E-Commerce Team | Globalia Digital Career

Club Tissus: a project for the creative minds

Club Tissus has one of the best offers in terms of material, accessories, patterns, decorations, and much more. In order to offer everything online, as well as the possibility of purchasing member cards and applying discounts, the e-Commerce team opted for Magento 2. As well as working like a charm, we are proud of the site’s colourful and welcoming design! 

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